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September 26th:  DUCKS!  What a great opener.  Where there is food, there are ducks.  Where the rice has done well we saw good numbers of all kinds of birds.  Some BW teal around but not  many.

Today (15th) I've seen a good number of flocks of cacklers heading south.  It's the 5th straight day of seeing migrating geese.  It was 23 degrees this morning and it felt like October!  Geese are really piling in now!  The last week of season should be very good!

September 15th:  It's been a crazy couple of weeks here at KO.  We've been packing and moving from our current house into a beautiful little farm  house.  There were even geese in the field behind the house last night!  I hope to have a few more reports posted after we get moved in.

August 15th, 2011: It's hard to believe that the first weekend of Game Fair is over. Fall is on the way.  Goose numbers look good and we're still looking forward to hearing more info about another crane season! 

June 1st 2011:  It may be June, but it still feels like April.  The weather has been much cooler than normal with frost as recent as 8 days ago.  The water temps are nowhere near comfortable swimming conditions unless your a spawning crappie.  Speaking of crappies, they are up shallow in 1-2 ft of water and are biting very good right now. 

CAMPING RENTALS:  We still have open weekends this summer!
HUNTING RENTALS:  Just wait and see what we'll have to offer this fall!  I cannot wait to have this new product in hand.  My guess is the demand will be enough that you won't be able to buy it for this hunting season but we plan to have them available to rent out.  Just wait...

April 14th 2011:  We're officially in between ice & open water fishing.  It was a great winter on the lakes around here with a great walleye & perch bite.  The slush absolutely sucked at the beginning of the year.  It's no fun wearing waders ice fishing!  Once the slush was gone though it was on!  Lots of waterfowl making their way back north lately.  It's a beautiful sight to see.  We're excited for the summer and for the release of our 5th & 6th DVD'S.  There is also some big news for Keller Outdoors that will be shared this summer.  Until then....we are really looking forward to some great hunts on Lake of the Woods and elsewhere this fall!

December 6th:  Rochester, MN.  As I drove through a blizzard at 2am last Saturday at 2am I wondered if geese were worth it.  Probably not.  BUT, we did have some great hunts down south.  Lots of geese but with all the snow it's going to be very difficult for them to feed.  We're on to pheasants now and our Timber Bay Youth Pheasant Fest is this weekend! www.tboutdooradventures.org

November 24th:  Just when you think we're froze out and buried in snow, we get lucky and find some open water and have a great shoot on the scraps that are left.  We shot mallards, blue bills, ringers & a nice drake buffie.  We also checked out some big water that was just barely open that was holding a good number of birds as well.  Wish I had time to get after them again!

November 20th:  This time of year is so tough.  Our wives are ready for duck season to be over and in a way, so are we....and then we see sights like the past few days and we're rejuvinated like little kids on their first hunt.  There are more mallards around now than I've seen in a long, long time.  Thousands of geese as well.  It was 8 below windchill on this mornings hunt so I can't expect these birds to stay forever but I sure am glad they're here now.  Amazing hunt with some great footage for a new dvd in the making.

November 17th:  What a migration day!  It's hard to put into words but I sure wish I was hunting!!!  To read more about this amazing push of birds, go here:  http://www.forum.minnesotawaterfowler.com/viewtopic.php?p=168763#168763

November 12th:  We've been busy (as you can tell from the lack of reports!).  I traveled down to Rochester and was able to hunt the river down by Winona.  It was a first for me and I really enjoyed it.  Back home I took a few days off and then got out to scout again.  With the warm weather it had become pretty stale...except for one spot.  We found a couple thousand mallards using a little slough a mile off the road.  The kids didn't have school so I grabbed some boys and we ended up with 6 limits of mallards plus a few bonus teal and a goose.  We've had a little front move in here and I believe today (Saturday) we have some new birds as well.

November 6th:  LOW was holding mostly bluebills....and lots of them.  Most were working the main lake but enough swung in close enough so we could get some decent shooting.  Mallard #'s closer to home are good but this warm weather has slowed things down (and deer season makes it a little more difficult getting into fields).

October 31:  A quick evening scouting trip on LOW revealed a lot of Cans, Redheads & Bluebills.  We'll see what the morning reveals.

October 30th:  With temps in the low to mid 20's each night the sheetwater has frozen and concentrated the mallards.  Heading to Springsteel on LOW tomorrow.  I'll trip to give some updates from the border!

October 28th:  MALLARDS!!!  This is the best numbers on greenheads I've seen in some time!  It would be an excellent time to have a week off!

October 25th:  Duck Report....I've been up near LOW for the past 10 days but have heard good things about the duck numbers elsewhere in northern MN.  Good numbers of divers exist as well as mallards and geeese.

October 25th:  I wouldn't say I prefer crapping in the woods at 5am over a heated bathroom, but if I can have weekends like this past one, I'll do it every day.  Our 5th annual Arise, Kill & Eat weekend is was the 20-23rd of October.  We shot a great variety of birds.  98 in all.  A good mix of mallards, geese, grouse and even 8 snows & blues.  The mallard numbers were pretty good and the goose numbers were amazing.  Not much for other ducks in the bog areas of northern MN.  These are the weekends that are made possible by those who booked hunts with us this fall.  THANK YOU!

October 18th:  Six days of scouting/hunting on LOW is complete.  In 4 days of hunting we shot 75 ducks and geese.  Quite a few big flocks of divers using the big lake.  We shot buffies, gw teal, bw teal, mallards, goldeneyes, bluebills, hooded mergansers and geese.  A great trip on a beautiful body of water.

October 11th:  Just fyi, I'm busing packing for LOW and just thought I'd pass on that the coffee at the Lueken's deli is pretty darn good.  A little over priced, but good.  Looking forward to LOW!

October 10th:  Besides the fact that I'm missing my favorite little target, the blue wing teal, duck hunting has actually been pretty darn good.  Mallards seem to be THICK in a lot of areas.  Some good friends had limits in TEN minutes yesterday.  And then geese....they've been lots of fun the past few days as well.  Off to LOW on Wednesday.  Looking forward to this long weekend up there!

October 5th:  Duck season is upon us.  With a cool September many of the BW teal have left.  In there place is a healthy population of ringers.  We've had some awesome goose shoots the past few days as their numbers are very strong right now!

DUCK REPORT:  With a cool September many blue wing teal have left northern MN.  They've been replaced with an early push of Ringbills.  Duck numbers look to be strong with a lot of mallards around.  Goose hunting will only get better as well!

September 22nd:  After living out of my truck the last week, I'm finally home.  Our last 6 hunts were awesome with a total of 125 geese and 2 bands.  Lots of birds around with many IN YOUR FACE geese! 

September 14th:  Migrators coming in daily!

September 13th:  We had an awesome weekend with some great guys from MinnesotaWaterfowler.com.  10 guys came up and shared the blinds with us for the weekend.  The geese are around and worked in close enough to go through some shells.  65 birds for the weekend.  Check out the pics:  http://www.forum.minnesotawaterfowler.com/viewtopic.php?t=19793

September 6th: Cranes!!!  They are smart birds but we were able to fool a few of them.  Check out the pics here: http://www.forum.minnesotawaterfowler.com/viewtopic.php?t=19670

5-30-10: We've connected with some great partners on Lake of the Woods for this fall.  Our friends at Springsteel Resort will be hosting all of our LOW hunts and some of our TV shoots.  Check them out at: