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by matt keller on 10/11/10

I used to scout daily so that when it was time to hunt, I could expect limits.  I used to think of myself as pretty darn good at that too.  I was often disappointed when a "limit spot" didn't produce a limit because of poor shooting or bad weather. 

It's truly amazing how hunting with kids the past few years has changed my expectations.  I do still scout to have an opportunity for a great shoot but now, more than ever, I have come to expect smiles and laughter.  For some reason missing ducks, farting and shaking a kids Coke up so it explodes has become much more entertaining and fulfilling than leaving the field with a full limit.  Their facial expression shares my thoughts...we both want more of it.

Thanks for being a part of what KO is all about.   

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1. A.j. said on 10/27/10 - 03:58PM
Nice job Matt, keep those kids motivated! It's all about being enjoying the hunt and Gods amazing creations!
2. Shooter007 said on 11/23/10 - 04:35PM
Too Funny and True.

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