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Coming Soon....

by matt keller on 10/05/10

It's been a long time since I've had a full nights sleep in my own bed.  The cab of my truck has become my living quarters.  A meal other than granola bars is rare.  My lips are chapped and my skin is dry. 

For geese?  Ducks? 

No.  For much more than that. 

The adventure that a new sunrise promises drives me to do it one more day.  It has become so much more than killing ducks and geese.  Adventure spurs a life of purpose and without it things can become awfuly mundane.  I want to live for more than just the ordinary. 

I hope to share periodically in this blog stories of adventure and purpose.  Hopefully some will make you laugh, some make you think, and all make you consider what your life is all about. 

Until next time, take advantage of the day!

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1. Tim said on 10/7/10 - 05:47PM
Cool. I like it!

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