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One Late Goose

by matt keller on 12/15/10

Corn covered fields have given way to snow and ice.  Drifts over my head have made pheasant hunting difficult up here...especially when there aren't many pheasants to begin with.  This is the beginning of what I like to call, withdrawals. 

If you're like me, you drive around with your eyes to the sky out of habit.  You're looking for any sign of waterfowl.  But the truth is, it's over (especially in northern MN)!

I do remember one year on our annual Timber Bay youth pheasant hunt.  It was the second weekend of December and the fields were buried in snow.  Ducks and geese were only a dream and we were doing what we could to get the kids in on a little last minute shooting.  We were walking with a large group of boys through a willow swamp that transitioned into a popple stand when one of the boys yelled, "BIRD".  I had figured they jumped a hen pheasant and then I hear the distinct sound of a goose.  I look over in time to see a big Canadian goose flying away through the popples now out of range for the boys.  To their credit, they didn't know if goose season was open (which it was).  They actually did have steel shot but it didn't matter.  That goose flew away and headed south, something it should had done a month previous. 

We did end up shooting a handful of roosters but the story of the day was the goose that got away.  It's a memory we won't soon forget!

To see pictures of this year's pheasant hunt, check it out at .


by matt keller on 10/11/10

I used to scout daily so that when it was time to hunt, I could expect limits.  I used to think of myself as pretty darn good at that too.  I was often disappointed when a "limit spot" didn't produce a limit because of poor shooting or bad weather. 

It's truly amazing how hunting with kids the past few years has changed my expectations.  I do still scout to have an opportunity for a great shoot but now, more than ever, I have come to expect smiles and laughter.  For some reason missing ducks, farting and shaking a kids Coke up so it explodes has become much more entertaining and fulfilling than leaving the field with a full limit.  Their facial expression shares my thoughts...we both want more of it.

Thanks for being a part of what KO is all about.   

Coming Soon....

by matt keller on 10/05/10

It's been a long time since I've had a full nights sleep in my own bed.  The cab of my truck has become my living quarters.  A meal other than granola bars is rare.  My lips are chapped and my skin is dry. 

For geese?  Ducks? 

No.  For much more than that. 

The adventure that a new sunrise promises drives me to do it one more day.  It has become so much more than killing ducks and geese.  Adventure spurs a life of purpose and without it things can become awfuly mundane.  I want to live for more than just the ordinary. 

I hope to share periodically in this blog stories of adventure and purpose.  Hopefully some will make you laugh, some make you think, and all make you consider what your life is all about. 

Until next time, take advantage of the day!